Carly Johnson


The Science Department focuses on curriculum and instruction in the areas of life, physical, and earth sciences.  Students in preschool through grade 12 participate in a variety of activities related to this content area.  Students in preschool through grade 6 participate in activities which provide the opportunity to investigate scientific principles, think like a scientist, and learn about fundamental principles involved in scientific thought.  Once students reach middle school, grade 7 and 8 students are provided a exploratory journey though the earth and planets, cellular biology, heredity, evolution, ecology, forces of motion, characteristics of matter, and fundamentals of energy.  Students in grades 9 through 12 participate in a variety of opportunities including laboratory-based investigations,  inquiry-based science, as well as a variety of Honors/Advanced Placement courses in the areas of earth, physical, and life sciences. 


Our goal is to provide a safe, supportive, and caring environment where students will achieve success.  Staff members in the science department are experienced, bringing forth a wealth of subject area knowledge and a strong pedagogy allowing the best educational experiences for our students.  Staff members meet and plan on a regular basis to offer a consistent and cohesive educational program for the children of Nutley. 

During the 2015-2016 school year, our department members will work collaboratively to develop scientific literacy by developing a common template for data collection laboratory investigations and analysis.

During the upcoming school year, our students will participate in a number of educational activities including: Forensic Science students actively solving crime scene mysteries, AP Biology and AP Environmental Science students visiting the Sedge Island Marine Conservation Zone, Health Dynamics and Nutrition students shadowing professionals in related fields, physics classes attending Six Flags Great Adventure Physics Day, and  the Merck Science Day Test - administered to students in many classes.   These activities will afford our students the opportunity to experience science in a hands-on manor, apply many classroom principles and discussion to real-world situations, and collaborate with other agencies to promote scientific thinking.  Our staff will work on professional development related to concrete learning experiences in the science fields, as well as implementing design and STEM education strategies into the science classroom. 

Parents and community members play an integral role in the education of our students.  Staff members are diligent in disseminating information about content-specific activities through teacher web sites, peer observations, and building/department reminders and notices .  The Science Department provides the opportunity for parents and community members to participate in school-based activities though our "green rangers" initiative.  The "green rangers" is a student-led movement to develop energy saving strategies, implement them in the schools, and analyze the results  of their plan.   A high value is placed on learning opportunities for our students through community involvement.

Staff members in the science department work collaboratively to provide sound and diverse educational opportunities for all students.  The faculty is dedicated to a hands-on science approach, investigative learning, and the ideals surrounding the understanding of scientific principles for not only advanced careers, but for daily life.


John Walker Middle School
Mrs. Papas - 7th Grade

Ms. Bruscino  - 8th Grade

Ms. Dwyer - 7th Grade

Ms. Guida - 8th Gradee

Mrs. Ippolito - Special Education Science

Mrs. Love - 8th Grade

Mrs. Zazzali - 7th Grade

Nutley High School
Ms. Anderson - Physical Science

Mr. Bania - Honors Health Dynamics/Nutrition

Mrs. DeSimone - Biology, Microbiology

Mr. Kasner - Chemistry

Mrs. McNamara - Biology

Mr. Smith - Earth Science, Marine Science

Dr. Naumoff - AP Physics, Honors Physics, Physics

Mr. Travaline -  Environmental Science, Biology

Ms. Ferrara -  Environmental Science, AP Environmental Science

Mrs. Lenus - Yip -  Microbiology

Ms. Polk - AP Chemistry, Honors Chemistry, Chemistry

Mr. Rovetto - Environmental Science, Microbiology

Mr. Simko - AP Biology,  Biology

Dr. Smith - Honors Human Physiology, Human Physiology, Chemistry

Mr. Tempsick - Forensic Science, Biology