Radcliffe School PTO

Class Parent Handbook


PART I: Class Parent Responsibilities

Class parents are expected to:

  • Attend Monthly PTO meetings. (At least one of the two class parents from each class should be in attendance at every PTO meeting).  If neither class parent can attend a meeting on a given month, please notify one of the class parent chairs in advance.


  • Volunteer for at least one PTO sponsored event that takes place BEFORE January (i.e. pumpkin patch, book fair, holiday boutique – you may volunteer to work the event of set-up or break-down).  The Classroom Parent chairs will be in contact with all class parents to verify volunteer participation.  There are many opportunities to help, regardless of your work schedule.  If you do not feel that you can volunteer at any of these events, please refrain from signing up for class parent.  


  • Attend class parties and chaperone class trips at the teacher’s discretion.  Please note that younger siblings are not permitted to attend.


  • Put together a themed Tricky Tray basket for your class (you will be assigned a theme).  Note, you can ask for monetary donations to purchase the items for your basket – see below.


PART II: Food and Beverage Restrictions


Many children in the school suffer from various food allergies, and the faculty and administration take these allergies very seriously.  To avoid any problems, please contact the school nurse as soon as you are selected as a class parent and inquire about any and all known allergies in the class.  With this information, you can then plan your party

menus accordingly.  Nevertheless, any food, including goodie bag snack items (e.g., candy, lollipops, chips, pretzels, etc.), sent in to the classroom MUST BE APPROVED BY THE SCHOOL NURSE PRIOR TO THE PARTY!!!  To avoid any delays on the day of the party, we suggest that you bring all nutritional labels and packaging to the nurse at least one day in advance.   ALSO, NO HOMEMADE BAKED GOODS ARE ALLOWED – ALL SNACK ITEMS MUST BE PRE-PACKAGED WITH A NUTRITIONAL LABEL. 


PART III: Class Parties


Grades K-3: Halloween, December Holiday, Valentine’s Day, End-of-Year

Grades 4-6: Halloween, December Holiday, End-of-Year. **Parents typically do not attend parties at this level – please check with your teacher. 

***Class parents are also asked to send in cupcakes and a beverage for grades K-6 for Dr. Seuss’ birthday.  Please note: You are expected to pay for this contribution out of your own pocket!***


PART IV: Guidelines


  • The only correspondence to be sent home to parents is the letters that have been provided by the PTO (i.e. introduction, class party, teacher/patrol gift collection, tricky tray collection).


  • Money for gifts and parties must be collected on a per occasion basis – money CANNOT be collected up front for the entire year.


  • Class parents are only permitted to ask for monetary donations three times throughout the year: (1) December holiday gifts, (2) Tricky Tray, and (3) End-of-year gifts.  For the teacher and patrol


gifts, you may only ask for $5 per child for the teacher, and $1 per child for each patrol (e.g. If there are 2 patrols in the class, you would ask for a total contribution of $7).You may only ask for $5 per child for the Tricky Tray basket.In the event, that an additional, unanticipated celebration arises (ex. teacher marriage, baby, etc.), please contact your class parent chairs for advisement.


  • For all other parties throughout the year, class parents may only request item donations (e.g. snacks, goody bag items, plates, napkins, water, etc.).  You CANNOT ask for monetary donations, though if a parent offers you a monetary donation, you may accept it. 


  • We understand that there are times where the class parents may want to spend more than they collect for gifts.  However, please note in advance, that spending more than you collect is a PERSONAL CHOICE.