2017-2018 Nutley High School Clubs and Activities

Welcome to another exciting year of co-curricular and extra-curricular activities!

Dear Students and Parents/Guardians:

This page will not be completely updated until the beginning of the school year; an updated list of clubs and advisors will be found on this very page.  Also, the tentative date for the NHS' Annual Club Fair is September 26, 2017 at 3PM in the NHS cafeteria.

In order to join a club, students will be required to complete the Random Drug/Alcohol Testing Consent Form.  These forms will be made available to you by your club advisor.

We look forward to another exciting year of exta and and co-curricular activities!


Academic Trivia Team
Mrs. Bresnan & Mrs. Rossillo

Archery Club
Mr. Noonan

Athletic Training Club
Mrs. Aji

Book Club
Mrs. Bresnan

Botany Club
Mr. Huggins

Car Club                                       
Mr. Huggins and Mrs. Sanchez       

Chamber Ensemble

Dare to Dream
Mrs. Della Fave

Environmental Science Club
Ms. Anderson and Ms. Centinaro

F.E.A. (Future Educators Association)    

History Club
Mr. Dwyer and Mr. Porrino

Human Relations Club             
Mrs. Coppola and Mrs. Della Fave

Interact Club                            
Mr. Bruno

Italian Honor Society              
Mr. Sollazzo

Jazz Ensemble                        
Mr. Maiello

Key Club                                  
Mrs. D'Urso and Ms. Mazza

Latin Honor Society                

Maroon and Gray Club   

Math Club                                
Ms. Mabel

Media Club                              
Mr. Kelly

Men's Choir                              
Mr. Vallies

Mock Trial                                
Mr. Dwyer

Music Mentoring (Chamber Strings)
Mrs. Rothkopf

National Art Honor Society
Mrs. Lappostato and Mrs. Melchionne

National Honor Society
Dr. Furnari and Mr. Dwyer

Patriot Club
Mr. Vick

Indoor Percussion Ensemble               

Photography Club
Mrs. Melchionne

Poetry Club
Ms. Lemire

P.R.I.S.M. (People, Respect, Identity, Sexuality, and Multiculturalism)
Ms. Freda

Robotics Build Team

Mr. Campbell and Ms. McNish

Set and Design Club                
Mrs. Lappostato

Science Club                   
Ms. Polk

Skills USA                                
Mr. Campbell

Spanish Honor Society             
Mr. Wdowiak

Stage Crew                              
Dr. Riley

Student Council                       
Ms. Brady

Theater Club (Fall)
Mr. Gurrieri

TriM Music Honor Society
Dr. Riley

Winter Guard                          
Mr. Kozell

Women's Activism Club
Ms. Harbison

Ms. Lemire

Zoology Club
Mr. Simko and Mrs. DeSimone