Lincoln School Students Learn About Tourette Syndrome craig

Craig Carton speaks to Lincoln School about Tourette Syndrome.

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Lincoln Kindness Club Preps Bags for St. John's Church kindness

Lincoln School's Kindness Club continues to do good deeds as the end of the school year approaches.

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Live Literary Wax Museum

All third grade students participated in "The Live Literary Wax Museum" at Lincoln School.  Students used their interests and creativity and made book characters come to life.


Health & Physical Education Newsletter - May 2017


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Lincoln School's Law Fair Club

Law Fair is a club for 4th graders interested in learning and understanding the law and our justice system. Since November, our club members have worked together to create an original mock trial case that focused on a debatable civil issue.


Family Fun Day

Craig Carton Visits Lincoln School

Craig Carton, co-host of "Boomer & Carton" of WFAN, spoke to the Lincoln School students about Sports casting and Tourette Syndrome. Carton started the organization, TicTocStop, in an effort to improve the lives of those living with Tourette's. The organization provides funding for the research and development of products that lessens the severity of the tics associated with Tourette Syndrome.



Mix It Up Day



       Lincoln School hosted It’s 4th annual “Mix it Up Day

 May 10, 2017

 “Mix It up Day” is an event designed to foster respect and understanding in our school and encourage children to meet new people.

Grades 3,5, 2, & 6 participated in this event during their lunchtime in the school cafeteria.

Upon entering the cafeteria students were given a playing card, the card corresponding with a specific table in the cafeteria.  They sat at that table with peers that perhaps they never had an opportunity to talk to or sit with.

 We hope that these activities educate our students throughout the year with experiences that promote social growth.


Lincoln School Safety Team

Mrs. Restel

Mrs. Thunell

Ms. Casey

Mrs. Grella

Mrs. Palestina

Mrs. Sarno







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Mock Trial 2017

Students in 5th and 6th grade participated in Essex County's Vicinage Law Day by hosting Judge Gizzo from Essex County.  Students used the fact pattern to act out the parts of the litigants and the jury.  This year's trial dealt specifically with the 14th amendment pertaining to equal coverage by the law.


Color Run

Mrs. Restel gets into character to pump up students for Nutley's Annual Color Run



Field Day 2017

Lincoln Celebrates National Bring Your Child to Work Day April 27th

Healthy Snack Options for Students

Nutley schools are committed to providing a safe and healthy learning environment for our students. Due to the increase in food allergies, childhood obesity and Type ll Diabetes, we ask that you please abide by the following guidelines which offer health-conscious options and protect our students with food allergies.

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2016-2017 AHERA Management Plan & Annual Integrated Pest Management Notice

Please Click Here to Download 2016-2017 Asbestos Hazard Emergency Response Act (AHERA) Management Plan & Annual Integrated Pest Management Notice Information.

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