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Greetings to all Parents/Guardians and Students of the incoming Class of 2024! 

We are eager to start the 2020-2021 academic year.  In order to facilitate your transition to Nutley High School, the NHS Administration and School Counseling Department  are happy to provide you with a freshman orientation.  Different from years past and due to Covid-19 restrictions, the orientation will take place virtually.  As a reminder, you will meet up with your Counselor on August 31st at 9:30 AM via Google Meet. 

Prior to meeting with your counselor on August 31st, and in order to familiarize yourself with NHS expectations, procedures, as well the virtual schedule for Marking Period 1, please clink on the link below:

This video is now available for your viewing.

On August 31st at 9:30 AM, you will click on the Google Meet Link that was sent to your school email.  The meetings will last for about an hour.  At these meetings, you will have an opportunity to ask questions as well as learn about the role of your counselor and how they can assist you.

Students are assigned to their counselors, by last name.  Please see the breakdown below.  All links can be found in your school email.


Mr. Johnson

Student last names: A-Cola

Please see link details in your school email.


Ms. Percontino/Mrs. Vos

Student last names: Colo-Gris

Please see link details in your school email.


Mrs. Tolve

Student last names: Gub-Mc Ha

Please see link details in your school email.


Mrs. Birnbaum

Student last names: McA-Sar

Please see link details in your school email.


Ms. Paino

Student last names: Sau-Z

Please see link details in your school email.


Also, attached to this correspondence, you will find the NHS letter day calendar for virtual instruction as well as the scheduling worksheet.  Both of these documents are reviewed in the video.

In addition to the video and attachments, the complete student handbook as well as the addendum for the modified schedule and expectations will be made available on the NHS website by August 31, 2020.

We look forward to seeing you virtually at this orientation.

Thank you and do not hesitate to reach out with questions.


Denis Williams


Nutley High School


NHS Virtual Instruction Letter Day Calendar

NHS Fully Virtual Schedule Worksheet


The Nutley School District serves approximately 4,100 students in Kindergarten through grade 12. The five elementary schools serve students K-6 and include Lincoln School, Radcliffe School, Spring Garden School, Washington School and Yantacaw School. John H. Walker Middle School serves students in grades 7-8 while Nutley High School addresses the needs of students in grades 9-12.