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Social Studies

The Social Studies Department offers a curriculum designed to prepare students for their future as citizens in a democratic society and for the challenges they will face as members of an increasingly interconnected global community. Students will master the requisite content, skills, and character for effective citizenship, and value the active participation and civic virtue upon which the future depends.

The elementary curriculum expands student awareness of their community and the surrounding environment in Kindergarten through Grade Three. Grade Four introduces students to the history of the United States utilizing the central role of New Jersey in our nation’s development. Grade Five follows the adventures of explorers to expand student awareness of their world and global issues, and students will begin to use digital technology to enhance geographic literacy. Civic and economic competency is the primary focus of Grade Six. Students will utilize We the People and Project Citizen, as well as other resources, to develop their knowledge and experience of constitutional government, culminating in a simulation of active citizenship. The spring marking periods will establish a foundation for economic literacy as students explore the factors that guide rational choices in a market economy.

Students at the John H. Walker Middle School are engaged in the study of the history of the early United States and the ancient and medieval world. Appropriate issues in civics, geography, and economics are infused throughout the curriculum. Grade Seven is dedicated to the creation of the American Republic, from early settlement to its transformation by the Civil War and Reconstruction, with the goal of informing student understanding of contemporary Constitutional issues. Grade Eight students will commence their study of world history, beginning with early civilizations and progressing to the medieval global connections that laid the foundations for the modern world. This study will segue into the first year of social studies at the high school.

Nutley High School offers a varied social studies curriculum. The freshman year continues the study of global society, building on the foundation established in the middle school while emphasizing the origins and dynamics of the modern world. Sophomore and junior years complete the state-mandated two-year study of United States history, tracing the legacy of the founding and its impact on modern America. In addition, the department offers several electives, enabling students to explore the fields of archaeology, sociology, macroeconomics, and the histories of Europe, Russia, East Asia, and the Middle East. Advanced Placement courses are offered in United States History, American Government and Politics, Macroeconomics, and Human Geography.

Students are encouraged to be actively engaged in the social studies, and will be provided with opportunities to use digital geographic information, conduct simulations, conduct mock archaeological excavations, construct sociological experiments, as well as other activities. Students will also participate in the New Jersey Mock Election, which is hosted and facilitated by the Nutley Public Schools.

The faculty of the social studies department is dedicated to the mission of civic education, and members pursue professional development to enhance the materials, technology, and instructional strategies available to enrich the experience of students. The department welcomes communication with parents via email and the web site, and encourages parents to continue the discussion of political and economic issues beyond the classroom.


John H. Walker Middle School

Mr. Guariglia - Grade Seven
Mrs. Kozyra - Grade Eight
Mr. Rovetto - Grade Seven
Mrs. Saitta - Grade Eight
Mr. Stoffers - Grade Seven
Mr. Tuorto - Grade Seven, Grade Eight
Mr. Vance - Grade Eight
Mr. Vick - Grade Seven
Mrs. Walsh - Grade Eight

Nutley High School

Mr. Laskin - Macroeconomics, US History II, US History I
Mr. Ritacco - US History I
Mrs. Michalek - US History I, AP US History, US History I Honors
Mr. Porrino - US History I, US History II, World History, AP US History
Mrs. Rasczyk - US History I, US History II, World History
Mr. Rosati - Archaeology, World History
Mr. Ryan - US History I, US History II
Mr. Abbio - US History I, US History II
Mrs. David - World History, AP Human Geography
Mr. DiGregorio - US History I, Race in America, AP Government & Politics
Ms. Gewecke - European History, Holocaust and Genocide Studies, World History Honors
Mrs. Stine - Sociology, US History II
Mr. Linfante - US History II Honors, AP Macroeconomics, AP Human Geography


The Nutley School District serves approximately 4,100 students in Kindergarten through grade 12. The five elementary schools serve students K-6 and include Lincoln School, Radcliffe School, Spring Garden School, Washington School and Yantacaw School. John H. Walker Middle School serves students in grades 7-8 while Nutley High School addresses the needs of students in grades 9-12.