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Yantacaw School News and Information

  • Nutley Family Service Bureau Offers Wellness for Staff and Community

    In continued support of our district goal to provide wellness opportunities for staff, the Nutley Family Service Bureau is hosting the following Mental Well-Being Workshops as part of their ongoing series.

    March ‚Ä©4th ‚Äź‚Ä© 7:00‚Äź8:00‚Ä©pm - ‚Ä©Meditation‚Ä© & ‚Ä©Movement

    April ‚Ä©1st‚Ä© ‚Äź 7:00‚Äź8:00‚Ä©pm - Unlocking‚Ä© Potential‚Ä© through ‚Ä©Yoga

    May‚Ä© 6th ‚Äź‚Ä© 7:00‚Äź8:00‚Ä©pm - NeuroMovement: Connecting‚Ä© Mind‚Ä© and ‚Ä©Body

    June‚Ä© 3rd‚Ä© ‚Äź ‚Ä©7:00‚Äź8:00‚Ä©pm - Gentle‚Ä© Yoga/Senior ‚Ä©Movement

  • History Fair Information


  • LIKE Screening Garners Large Turnout

    Close to 400 students, parents and staff members came out last night for dinner and a movie. In partnership with the Nutley Educational Foundation - NEF, the District presented a screening of the documentary LIKE, focusing on the perils of social media and the impact of technology on our lives. A panel discussion followed with NHS students, staff members as well as key members from our community. Thank you to all who came out for the event and for all those who helped make it possible especially  Nutley Family Service Bureau and the Nutley Police Department. 

  • NJ Department of Health Release Information on the Coronavirus

    Many K‚Äź12 school administrators, teachers and staff in New Jersey are concerned about the current outbreak of the 2019 Novel Coronavirus (2019‚ÄźnCoV) and potential impacts to their school communities and wish to take appropriate steps to mitigate any risks. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is working hard to learn as much as possible about this 2019‚ÄźnCoV so that we can better understand how it spreads and characterize its associated illness.

  • Kindergarten Registration 2020-2021

    The Nutley Public School District offers a free, full-day kindergarten program for residents of Nutley. Children must be five years of age by October 1, 2020.  Kindergarten registration for the September 2020 class will be held in the Nutley High School cafeteria from 4:00pm - 7:30pm according to your school zone as listed:  

    March 3 - Lincoln and Radcliffe School 
    March 4 - Yantacaw School 
    March 5 - Spring Garden School 
    March 9 - Washington School
    March 10 - All schools

  • National School Counseling Week Begins Today

    National School Counseling Week is February 3-7, 2020.  This week, we celebrate the unique contribution of school counselors and the tremendous impact they can have in helping students and families. School counselors help students in more ways than you realize, working to support students' academic, college, career, and social emotional development.  This week we celebrate them! Take a moment to thank your school counselor.

    Follow this link to learn more about the school counselors' role!

  • 2020 TREP$ Registration is Open for Grades 4-8

    TREP$, short for enTREPreneur$, teaches students in grades 4-8 how to start their own businesses in 6-8 weeks. They learn the lessons in the six weekly workshops, and apply them at home as they build their business with the help of their families. The whole school community comes out to enjoy the TREP$ Marketplace where the young entrepreneurs launch their businesses together.

  • Permitted Items Procedures at School Events

    Please review the permitted and non-permitted items procedures for our events.

  • Computer Science Education Week Takes Place at Elementary Level

    At the elementary level, there were many computer programming activities and concepts taught during Computer Science Education Week in the school library media centers.


  • NHS Languages Students Visit Elementary Schools

    Last week, NHS Spanish and Italian Honor Society students visited Yantacaw and Spring Garden schools to read to the students in both languages! We are proud of their fluency and desire to be role models in the community by stressing the importance of bilingualism at a young age," said Coordinator of World Languages, Mrs. Julie Mitschow.



  • Annual Santa Ride

    Santa Ride

  • Substitute Teaching Opportunities

    The Nutley Public School district invites those interested to apply for substitute teaching positions. For more information and to apply, please click here.


  • Drinking Water Reports

    Below are the drinking water reports for each specific school. Please click on the school name to view the report.





  • Fun for You Program Information

    FUN FOR ALL Special Needs Recreation Program now accepting registrations

    The Nutley Department of Parks and Recreation is offering a variety of weekly

    Sporting programs for students with special needs.


    FUN FOR ALL is an adaptive recreation program offering a variety of seasonal

    sports and social activities on a weekly basis throughout the school year.

    Participation in the program will introduce your child to the tremendous benefits

    of sports where the focus is more on learning the basics, enjoying fitness,

  • Week of Respect Recognized in all Schools

    The Nutley School District will observe the Week of Respect beginning Monday, October 7.  In order to recognize the importance of character education, each school will provide age-appropriate instruction focusing on the prevention of harassment, intimidation, and bullying. 

  • Department of Children and Families' Abuse Hotline Details

    Last month, Governor Phil Murphy signed a law that requires all schools to publicly post the Department of Children and Families‚Äô Child Abuse Hotline number ‚Äď also called the State Central Registry (SCR) ‚Äď so that students as well as teachers and administrators are made aware that it exists and can easily call, if needed.¬†

    Click here to read more details. 

  • Dr. Glazer Welcomes Back Students

    Please click here to read the Welcome Back letter from Dr. Glazer. We look forward to seeing staff on Tuesday, September 3 and students on Wednesday, September 4.


  • Nurse/Medical Forms Available

    The below forms are now available for the 2019-2020 school year.

    Authorization for Medication

    Inhaler Waiver

    Medical Exam Form

    Asthma Treatment Plan 

  • Registration for Extended Day: Now Open

    Registration for the 2019-20 Nutley Extended Day Program is open. Please register here.

    As we get closer to September, will be open for you to pay for registration and the month of September. We will email you to confirm registration and ask you to pay.

  • Summer Meals Available this Summer

    Summer meals are served free to children and teens 18 and under in communities across New Jersey.

    No enrollment, no I.D. required. Click here for more information. 

  • 1:1 Chromebook Handbook and Payment Information
    As part of the Nutley Public Schools' ongoing district-wide, long-term technology plan, all sixth grade students were issued a Hewlett Packard 14" G4 Chromebook starting in January 2017. Starting in September of 2018, all students in grades six through twelve were issued their own Chromebooks
  • 2019 Summer Reading List

    All K-12 students attending the Nutley Public Schools during the 2019-2020 school year will have the opportunity to select books that they are interested in and motivated to read during the summer. By providing students with an element of choice, we believe that the students will be more engaged and committed to read this summer.

    View the Nutley Public Schools Summer Reading Program "Choice Matters" here.

  • Anti-Bullying Bill of Rights Grade - 2017-2018

    The New Jersey Department of Education has released school and district HIB grades as per the Anti-Bullying Bill of Rights (ABR) Act.  The Nutley Public Schools has posted its Anti-Bullying Bill of Rights Act grades for the 2017-2018 school year to the district's homepage, the HIB webpage, and to each individual school's webpage.  These grades were determined by a district self-assessment released by the New Jersey Department of Education Commissioner.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Joseph Cappello, the Anti-Bullying Coordinator, at 973-661-8989.  

  • Dr. Glazer Shares Year-End Thoughts

    Dear Nutley Parents, Staff and Community Members,

    Tonight, we will watch as our Nutley High School Class of 2019 graduates walk out onto the Oval for the last time as our students. When they next return, it will be as alumni.

    We are so proud of their individual and class accomplishments; academically, athletically, artistically and as members of the community. In addition to these achievements, the Nutley Public School district has much to celebrate this year as well.


The Nutley School District serves approximately 4,100 students in Kindergarten through grade 12. The five elementary schools serve students K-6 and include Lincoln School, Radcliffe School, Spring Garden School, Washington School and Yantacaw School. John H. Walker Middle School serves students in grades 7-8 while Nutley High School addresses the needs of students in grades 9-12.