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World Languages & ESL

The World Language department focuses on curriculum and instruction in the areas of Spanish, Italian, and Latin. Students in preschool through grade 12 participate in a variety of activities related to this content area. Students at the elementary schools participate in activities, which provide the opportunity to acquire basic Spanish in grades 2 through 6.  In middle school, grade 7 and 8 students are given the option to learn Italian, Latin or Spanish in further detail.  The high school’s language department offers courses ranging from level 1 through Advanced Placement. While students in the initial secondary levels continue to acquire and refine communicative skills, upper level students begin using the language as a tool to experience literature, art and other aspects of authentic culture.

Our goal is to provide a safe, supportive, and caring environment where students will achieve success. Staff members in the World Language department are experienced, bringing forth a wealth of subject area knowledge and a strong pedagogy allowing the best educational experiences for our students. Staff members meet and plan on a regular basis to offer a consistent and cohesive educational program for the children of Nutley. During this school year, our department members will work collaboratively to foster a target language only environment ultimately increasing our student’s oral and written production.

During the upcoming school year, our students will participate in a number of educational activities including common integrated performance assessments at each grade level. These activities will afford our students the opportunity to practice in the target language in authentic manner and further refine their communicative skills in the target language. Our staff will work on professional development related to increasing oral proficiency and implementing appropriate and effective instructional technology for the language-learning classroom. They will accomplish this by attending workshops/webinars, visiting other districts and sharing their new strategies with the remainder of the staff.

Parents and community members play an integral role in the education of our students. Staff members are diligent in disseminating information about content-specific activities through teacher web sites, and building reminders. The World Language department provides the opportunity for parents and community members to participate in school-based activities such as the annual World Language Honor Society Induction.

Students in the Nutley Public School’s World Language department have the essential understanding that cultural diversity enriches the community’s landscape. We encourage our students to use this foundation to volunteer their time in a manner where their language skills can be an asset to the citizens of Nutley. A high value is placed on learning opportunities for our students through community involvement.

Staff members in the World Language department work collaboratively to provide sound and diverse educational opportunities for all students.

The World Language Department also offers ESL (English as a Second Language) to our students that demonstrate limited proficiency in the English language. English Language Learners (ELLs) or Multilingual Learners receive instruction based on their language proficiency (as measured by the WIDA Screener assessment).

Our goal is to provide ELLs with the skills to gain personal, social and academic success via the development of listening, speaking, reading and writing. Visit our Bilingual Parent page for more information about our ESL program and additional resources for bilingual families  

K-12 Department Coordinator

Ms. Garcia 

Nutley High School

Mr. LaPeruta—Italian
Ms. Olveira—Spanish

Mrs. Garcia—Spanish

Mrs. Lodato—Latin
Mrs. Guariglia—Spanish
Ms. Soobrattie—ESL
Mrs. D'Urso—Italian & Spanish
Mr. Wdowiak—Spanish

John H. Walker Middle School

Ms. Cumbe—Spanish

Mr. DiCristo—Latin
Ms. Burd—ESL
Mrs. Muniz-Bermo—Spanish

Mrs. Ockenhouse—Spanish
Mrs. Schiavone—Italian

Elementary Spanish 

Ms. Alvarez

Ms. Castaneda 

Mr. Mero 

Lincoln Elementary
Mrs. Jiritano—ESL

Ms. Hellriegel—ESL

Radcliffe Elementary
Ms. Hellriegel—ESL

Spring Garden Elementary

Ms. Burd-- ESL

Washington Elementary
Ms. Irene --- ESL 

Ms. Griffoul--- ESL

Yantacaw Elementary

Ms. Griffoul —ESL


The Nutley School District serves approximately 4,100 students in Kindergarten through grade 12. The five elementary schools serve students K-6 and include Lincoln School, Radcliffe School, Spring Garden School, Washington School and Yantacaw School. John H. Walker Middle School serves students in grades 7-8 while Nutley High School addresses the needs of students in grades 9-12.