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At the June 14th Board of Education meeting, the Board approved a resolution to enter into a shared service use agreement with the Nutley Board of Commissioners to achieve educational and facility excellence.  The week prior, the Nutley Board of Commissioners approved a similar resolution at their meeting. 


According to the resolution, the Board and Township, “recognize that together they can better meet the needs for education, community events, and programs.” Historically, the Boards have worked together, sharing services and assisting each other in various government, educational, and extracurricular activities, however this resolution formalizes the process.


Board President Sal Ferraro discussed publicly the importance of this partnership. “The Commissioners have invested time over the last six months, touring our facilities and having open dialogue and discussions with us about the issues facing our district. We are going to do great things together,” he said. 


After the Board voted to pass the resolution, Superintendent Kent Bania echoed the sentiment in his remarks. “This is the biggest thing I have seen happen in my 24 years in the district,” he said. “It is monumental in scope and the winners here are the students, the families. This Board has tremendous vision to start addressing facility issues.”


Board President Sal Ferraro, Board trustees, Mayor Joseph Scarpelli and the Town Commissioners have talked and met regularly the past six months, in committee and touring the district’s facilities, to bring this vision to fruition. Mayor Scarpelli and Commissioners Kelly and Tucci were in attendance at the Board of Education meeting.


According to Commissioner Kelly, “this is a monumental event because it will benefit our most valuable resource, the education and growth of our young people.” 


Commissioner Tucci shared the sentiment. “Alone we can do good things, together we can do great things,” he said. “We have come together for the betterment of our students and our community.” 


According to Mayor Scarpelli, “This is unique and in Nutley, we do unique things.”